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1. What is Jo's Full name?

2. What is Mrs. Garretts Full Name?

3. What is the school name mentioned in the pilot episode?

4. How old is Ms. Mahoney, and how many episodes is she in?

5. How many brothers does Tootie have, what is her fathers name and where does he live, what do her parents do?

6. What are 5 Jobs Mrs. Garrett played on the series?

7. What is the License Plate on Mrs. Garretts 1975 Volkswagen Convertible?

8. Jo made her owned her own company what was it called?

9. What is Jo's Computer Code, and what are Tooties Computer named and Jo's?

10. What is the Langley's radio station?

11. What color are Jo's Eyes?

12. What Episodes does Mrs. Garrett not appear?

13. Where were the girls originally to go, but they went to Australia?

14. What is Jo's Grandfather and where is she from?

15. Eastland has a sister School What is it named?

16. Over our Heads was going to be replaced with what?

17. In the 1980 episode, "Who am I" the final scenes show Tootie & Carl dancing together in a contest. What was the name of the disco song in the background & who performed it?

Did you fail or nail the test? Find out, by checking the answers below.

1. Joanna Marie Polniaczek

2. Edna Ann Garrett

3. Eastlake School

4. 32 years old and 4 episodes

5. 3 Brothers, Harrison, Washington D.C., Criminal Lawyers.

6. Nurse, Worked at Howard Johnson, Housemother, Nutritionist and Democrat.

7. 845DUD

8. Mama Roses Original Bronx Pizza, INC.

9. 40YT55, Tootie's Name Dirk and Jo's Computer Name Steve.

10. WLG

11. Green

12. #128 "A Man in the Attic", #130 "Sisters", #131 "Its Lonely at the Top", #149 "The Agent", #150 "The Reunion", #152 "Atlantic City", #153 "The Lady Who Came to Dinner", #155 "Big Time Charlie", Season 8-End.

13. "The Facts of Life goes to Venice" aka Venice, Italy

14. Joseph Polniaczek from Poland

15. Koolunga School in Australia

16. Andy and Pippa's rooms

17."I'm glad I asked you to stay"