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FOL in Paris

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Mrs. Garrett and the girls visit Paris but the Girls have to attend school, the girls are filtered with bordum and seek the profile of Paris and escape the tour group, that the school provided. Mrs. Garrett's works in a gourmet school with a gourmet chef in Paris, and Mrs. Garrett is having a very hard time adjusting to the cooking, her boss wants to make it perfect in every way possible. The girls all seek adventure in Paris, while Blair travels alone,  Blair goes off by herself in search for shopping. Natalie and Tootie decide to help a author, in his new book. And high-rider Jo finds romance that could lead her to never leaving Paris. Jo debates staying with her French beau, It come to an exciting stop when Mrs. Garrett finds the perfect recipe and her boss agrees to it. Both Natalie and Tootie convince the author to write another book, and have them featured as characters. Meanwhile, Blair spends a day alone with splender with perfect ease. But Jo, strangled in her own web can't pull away from her love, and leaves with tears and joy in her eyes. A lot happens between these girls,The girls find love and friendship in France, The girls all seek adventure in Paris with trouble and tribulation. This two-hour movie explores the Facts of Life in Paris, but time will catch on you, you might be surprided that there is no sequel.

GENRE: Comedy/Romance
TIME: 2 hours

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