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Charlotte Rae
Charlotte Rae was born Charlotte Lubotsky on April 22, 1926 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as Charlotte Rae explains at an early childhood she wanted to become an actress. Later on, she moved to New York City where she found and married musician John Strauss. At a young age Charlotte had friendships with Paul Lynde, Uncle Arthur from Bewitched, and Cloris Leachman, which would soon be replaced later on in the series The Facts of Life. Charlottes's early career featured at regular roles as Silvia Schnauser on the classic tv show Car 54, Where Are You? and noticable rolls as Molly the Mail Lady on the long-running children's series Sesame Street, She also co-starred in the Emmy-winning TV movie Queen of the Stardust Ballroom. By 1978, Charlotte was Edna Garrett, known as the wealthy Drummond's Housekeepersoon after she would join the Eastland School as the nutritionist in the spinoff The Facts of Life. In Early 1998, she had appeared on the CBS series 'Michael Hayes', and She was in the 1999 TV movie Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly and starred in the 2000 tv movie Another Woman's Husband. Lately she can be found playing at the 2000 revival of the musical Pippin at the New Jersey Paper Mill Playhouse which has recently completed its' run. Charlotte has been 'switching off' and lives in NYC, which is at ease. But for now she is busy performing her one-woman show and the occasional Broadway play. Charlotte divorced her husband in 1976, composer John Strauss, before protraying as'Edna Garrett' in Diff'rent Strokes. She has two children.
Lisa Whelchel
Lisa Whelchel was born in Texas, Lisa Whelchel appeared in several productions at the famed Casa Manana Dinner Theatre. But Lisa made it big as a member in the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club. She ran againest more than 6,000 children to audition. After appearing as a Mouse club member she was featurned in some TV movies. Lisa was cast as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life, during the show's run, Lisa added recording artist to her application. Her 1984 album "All Because of You" earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Inspirational Performance. She has appeared in 7 feature films, including the features Where the Red Fern Grows, Part Two, and The Double McGuffin, and the telefilms The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Skyward, Twirl, No Man's Land, and The Facts of Life Down Under. Several years ago she performed the title role in Peter Pan at Kansas City's Starlight Theater. She spared her acting rolls in "The Facts of Life" to be a mother of three children (son Tucker, 12 and daughters Haven, 10 and Clancy, 9). She married Steve Cauble in July 1988 he is a pastor, now at the age 51. They reside in Santa Clarita, California. She has 2 younger brothers named Cody and Casey.
Nancy McKeon
McKeon was born on Westbury, New York on April 4th, 1966, she has on brother Philip McKeon who is only 18 months older, she co-appeared in over 60 commercials with him, soul mates! Even as a little girl she modeled for a catalouges, and appeared in several commercials at a young age, and in small parts in the acclaimed soap opera, "The Secret Storm". Her brother was in the 1970's tv series "Alice", by now the family headed for bigger acting carrers. She made guest appearences in shows like Starsky and Hutch; The Love Boat; Alice and made it big on The Facts of Life. After he appearences in "The Facts of Life" she starred in many made for tv movies, and hosted Friday Night Videos, She has appeared in Touched by an Angel in 1999, She dated 'Michael j. Fox' and Hockey Player 'Luc Rabitaille' and she even had her own star center in "Intimate Potrait", and she currently stars in "The Division" (on Lifetime), she now lives in L.A, her highlights and works include, "Can't Hurry Love"; "A Wakening" which she wrote, and she won Best First Short Film award, and Audience Award for Best Drama at Florida's Marco Island Film Festival, something she never expected to win.
Kim Fields
Kim Fields a native from NYC, made her first tv appearence at the age of 5. But her most noticble rolls, was the girl in the Mrs. Butterworth commercials. After a appearence in the mini-series, "Roots", she lande her roll as the sweet and eavesdroping kid, Tootie on the "Facts of Life". When they were filming the show the producers thought she was to small for the camera, and they put on 'rollers', after been being rejected as the roll as Gary Coleman's girl-friend on Diff'rent Strokes, for being to tall. She graduated in 1990, at Pepperdine University, and earned a Bachelors degree in film and communication,soon after, she taught students how to "act", and later she opened her own porduction company, Victory Entertainment Inc. She's also a director with several credits under her name including episodes of Living Single, a series in which she starred opposite Queen Latifah from 1993 to 1998. And directed the Nickelodeon tv series Kenan & Kel, She has was on the oppisote end on stage and received an NAACP Image award for "Best Director" for her work bringing "Vanities" to the Los Angeles theater. In 2000, she was in the tv movie Hidden Blessings and the theatrical film Glow, more recently she has been directing the Nickelodeon Television Series, "Taina", and Disney's "The Jersey", and she hosts a Chicago radio show. She is very, busy.She is now starring in the lifetime series "Strong Medicine" and is the president of her company. Kim was married to business executive Johnathon Franklin Freeman in July 1995 and divorced in 1998, and her mother's name is Chip and is an actress and drama teacher (she appeared on The Facts of Life as her mother).
Mindy Cohn
Cohn, who was born in L.A On May 26, 1966, as for otherwise being the cute adorable friend to Tootie she has been a talk-show host, a panalyst, and an actress. She has earned he degree in sociology st Loyola Marymount University in 1995, where she host a Pheonix Radio Show. Cohn has also appeared on shows like 21 Jump Street, Suddenly Susan and Dream On, as well as several television specials for Disney. In 1993, she co-starred with comedian John Mendoza on the NBC sitcom The Second Half. She was the voice of Candy Yuponce on the on the TBS series The Chimp Channel, and appeared as Toni in the 2000 film Alone with a Stranger. She was the voice of a character on the FOX animated series The Kids From Room 402. Mindy is living a rich, full life while traveling abroad, doing voiceovers for cartoons, volunteering for fundraising and charity work, as well as continuing to work as an actress. She has acted in many independent features and also taped her own pilots. She has began her own company, along with two other partners, called Storm Productions. She has a contract with Disney, for them to create roles and projects for her to star in.