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"The Facts of Life Down Under," in which the young ladies participate in a cultural exchange program.The girls, Beverly Ann and Andy fly to Sydney to celebrate an anniversary with Koolunga, their Australian sister school. Blair and Jo get involved with jewel thieves and the police. Blair and Jo are being pursued by two men, both of whom claim to be the police while they accuse of Jo and Blair to be the criminals. And Jo and Blair put the jewel into Natalies Bag who is off with Tootie. Meanwhile, Andy convinces Beverly Ann to take him to a sheep ranch owned by her old boyfriend. Blair and Jo, again are in the hands of by the police and a gang of jewel thieves, but they manage to lose there strong hold. Meanwhile, Natalie is touring the Outback with a cattle rancher and Tootie is viewing ancient caves with a handsome American anthropologist who lets her think he is an Aborigine. Blair and Jo escape the jewel thieves and arrive at their Australian sister school where they hope to find Natalie with the jewel. The Ending comes to a rushing pull when the girls, the police and the criminals battle to all show up.

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