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How Can I Get The The Facts of Life On DVD? (8/22/04)

Register FREE at TV Shows On DVD.com (if you haven't already) and vote for how you would like to see The Facts of Life to be released on DVD (Season Sets, Best of, and Individual Episodes.) I recently checked the statistics and the shows overall rank (which includes votes for already released titles) is 37th and the unreleased rank (which excludes votes for already released titles) is 19th, these ranks our based on countless other televsion shows that are requested to be released on DVD. So by registering to vote for it, this means you can vote for it once (per person/account), and by doing this we can give the shows' rank the ability to reach to #1 and by doing so, Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment (the DVD distributor) may look at it's results and consider putting it on DVD.

So my advice to you is to tell your friends and family to register at TVShowsOnDVD.com and vote for it to increase it's likabiliy to be put on DVD!

Where can I watch The Facts of Life on TV?

Unfortunately, The Facts of Life is not airing anywhere at this time. At one point in time it aired as a part of Hallmark's line-up, but it ended as of November 2002. Hallmark also no longer has plans to air it on their schedule again since they've lost the rights to air the show as of June 2004.

Where can I watch The Facts of Life Reunion on TV?

It has been airing on and off on ABC Family since August 2002, but you can catch an encore presentation of it on Sunday, September 26 at 2:00PM/Eastern on ABC Family.

Where can I buy all of The Facts of Life TV Movies?

Unfortunately, no VHS/DVD distributor has released The Facts of Life Goes to Paris or The Facts of Life Down Under, that would mean that they would have to release the series since these movies aired as a part of the show. The Facts of Life Reunion is also not scheduled to be released in the near future.

Do you happen to tape trade?

No, I don't tape trade so please don't send me e-mails asking me to send you episodes of the series.