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Edna Garrett
Mrs. Edna Garrett is is a Kind and Caring Person. She was Born and raised on a Wisconsin farm and not highly mindbaring but she has a hight reputation on life, She has two adult sons. She's was formely divorced, her ex-husband was a gambler, which, is why she left him. In 1986 Edna remarried and went to Africa to join the peace corps. Her sister, Beverly Ann, took her place.
Blair Warner
Wealthy, Spoiled, Atrractive she even admits to being spoiled and always getting her way. But such dramatic events, such as her parents' divorce and the fire at Edna's Edibles, bring out Blair's better side and compassionate and caring woman. Her mother Monica Warner has gone through a total of seven marriages by 1988, How's that for the center of attention? And in the first season of the show, she regrets that she has to many relashionships with her father David Warner and he operates Warner Industries. In 1985 Monica Warner had a baby on December 25, other know as Christmas Day, Blair's baby sister, Bailey, was named after her grandfather the name was nominated my Blair.
Jo Polniaczek
A kid from the Bronx who joins the Eastland family in the show's second season. I can define her as the "comeback queen", her tough personality,this hard hitting tomboy can get on your nerves, but her harsh intentions tell Blair to Bug-off! But you don't want to mess with her, life on the streets of New York, can be pretty tough, when it comes to Jo senses, Blair is in for a beating. In1987, she was the first of the girls to get married. She married character Rick Bonner.
Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
Tootie is sweet and adorable, Her real name is Dorothy but her friends call her Tootie, you can find Tootie listening on the latest gossip between the Easland Girls, She rumors the crowd, she can't keep her mouth shut.
Natalie Green
Natalie has a healthy self-imagnation don't try to sweep her under your rug, because her clever wit will fool you. She might not be the definition of a beautiful, but her personality will catch on you. She perticapates in member of the school newspaper, which she hopes will have plans for her future as a writer. "I'd rather be a happy magic marker, than a skinny pencil", and she's right.