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Diff'rent Strokes

First Telecast: November 3, 1978
Last Telecast: August 30, 1986
Total number of episodes: 189

This Spin-off from the very popular television series NBC comedy Diff'rent Strokes focused on Mrs. Garrett who had been the Drummonds' housekeeper, 8 year old Arnold and his 12 year old Brother Willis lived in Harlem, and struggled to live as a orphans, so Mr. Drummond adopted, them to live in his wealthy-pent house, It takes a long time to adjust with their sister Kimberly, and Drummond a president of a company "Trans Allied Inc." Each episode had a 'meaning' which taught us lessons from Child Abuse to Race. As the series went on the show evolved including new characters. The House-keeper, Mrs. Garrett would leave the show and be replaced, buy a grumpy housekeeper Adelaide, and then by Joyful Pearl. Mrs. Garrett would find a new job and head to Eastland. where she would be house-mother to the girls, including Kimberly which attended. Dudley would be Arnold's New friend and Willis would have a new girlfriend Charlene. But by 1984, the series grew into something bigger, Phillip Drummond was Married a television-excercing host named Maggie, along with her son young red-head son Sam. And then in the fall of that year Kimberley would graduate High-School and went to study in Paris. NBC had some more shows in store, including the crossover episode from "The Facts of Life" and Then Drummond bought a Portland, Oregon radio-station along with Larry Adler, and his daughters, which made guest appearences in Diff'rent Strokes, and by then they had another spin-off Hello, Larry.

Hello, Larry

First Telecast: January 26, 1979
Last Telecast: April 30, 1980

Radio Talk Show Host Larry Adler, He Landed his job on the Radio Station, Klow where Morgan Winslow became the producer of his call-in radio talk show, Earl was Larry's well-rounded engineer. Following his family he gave custody included, 13-year old Ruthie, and 16-year old Diane. Leona a next door neighbor, and school teacher tried to provide comfort in the crazy lives of the family. Larry's ex-wife, "Shelly Fabares" also guest appeared in the show.Added to the shows cast in 1979 were the Harlem Globetrotter's Meadowlark Lemon, would show up to own his own sporting goods store, and Tommy a neighbor. In 1980, Larry's father, Henry would move in to join the cast. Hello Larry would appear on the NBC schedule right after it's spin-off Diff'rent Stroke. Since both shows were produced by Tandem Productions, and Larry wasn't doing the best, it was established that Larry Alder and Diff'rent Strokes' Philip Drummond were old army together, just to make it more exclusive, and they would be radio-talk show hosts together. The Producers hoped it would make it more dense and appealing by adding crossover episodes, but it never seemed to make a difference.