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The Facts of Life August 24, 1979-September 10, 1988
NBC Situation Comedy- 209

This Spin-off from the ever popular television series NBC comedy Diff'rent Strokes focused on Mrs. Garrett who had been the Drummonds' housekeeper and then pursuing at Eastland school for young woman. Mrs. Garrett was kind and wisdom was valued she was understading and sincere. She was parents to the girls at charge, as the start of the series graphed from 11-15 Blair, 15, was wealthy, attractive and a snob; Nancy, 14 well-rounded; Sue Ann, 14, was cute and leadership was self-portrayed; Tootie, 11, was the center of gossip; and Natalie was well-rounded and funny. The Headmaster was Mr. Bradley. As the season evolved. In 1980, Jo a 16-year-old from the Bronx joined the cast. In 1983, Mrs. Garrett left the girls at their stakes, in Peeksill, New York opened a gourmet food bontique entitled "Edna's Edibles". Blair and Jo, who were now attending college with Natalie and Tootie still at Eastland moved in with Mrs. Garrett. Although things changed and in 1985, a fire spurted and left Edna's Edibles in ashes, but soon after recovered and re-built it into a new buisness, the shop was a renavation and called "Over our Heads". Young Andy was the errand boy, and George a young attractive carpenter who helped rebuild. The following year Mrs.Garrett re-married and respectively moved out; she was replaced by the "leaky faucet" sister, Beverly Ann who became the new disclaimer and stepmother to Andy. By 1987-1988 had become established woman. This would be the last season, each character reaching their way into adult ways. Natalie, the aspiring author, had the chance to find her ways as a writer in New York City, and to loose her virginity when she spent a night with her boyfriend Snake. Shortly after, Jo headed for a career and married a freestounded musician. Tootie who was already had been engaged to her boyfriend Jeff, had plans to become an actress, and made her way at the Dramatic Arts located in London. Now Blair was enrolled at Langley Law School by now, watching in triumph as her alma mater Eastland rolled in to depression, she finally decided to do something. Putting all her values behind, she suprisingly bought Eastland and took her spot as headmistress; planning major inprovement including a open student body and to put Eastland at new heights.

Edna Garrett: Charlotte Rae
Blair Warner: Lisa Whelchel
Dorthy "Tootie" Ramsey: Kim Fields
Natalie Green: Mindy Cohn
Jo Polniaczek: Nancy McKeon
Nancy Olson: Felice Schachter
Sue Ann Weaver: Julie Piekarski
Steven Bradley, Headmaster: John Lawlor
Molly Parker: Molly Ringwald
George Burnett: George Clooney
Mr. Charles Parker: Roger Perry
Geri Warner: Geri Jewell
Andy Moffet: MacKenzie Astin
Charlic Polniaczek: Alex Rocco
Beverly Ann Stickle: Cloris Leachman