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On this page, you'll find video clips of the show's opening theme song openings (coming soon), other programs that involve the mention or interpretation the show. You'll also find clips from the episodes themselves (coming soon). All of clips are site exclusives so please don't put them anywhere else on the internet.
Simply right click on the link provided, press "save target as" and save it to your hard-drive. After watching them please make sure you rank the videos that request to be ranked. In order to keep them alive on our site. Thank you!
NOTE: Some files may not play with your media player. In that case, you may want to download VLC Media Player, which plays ever file you see here.

Video Clips

Inside TV Land - TV's Top 40 Theme Songs

File Type: .rm Sizeapprox. 2mb Length: 35 sec.
This is a video clip featuring an episode of Inside TV Land, in the show they countown TV's top 40 theme songs. They rank The Facts of Life as #31. Alan Thicke is used as a commetary to give viewer's information on the Fact's of Life's theme song, which he co-wrote. This special aired in November 2002, on TV Land.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

File Type: .rm Size2.34mb Length: 42 sec.
This is a video clip features an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In which, Kim Fields makes a guest-appearence as herself at the end of an episode. Her appearence occurs right after the scene where Will Smith had just got married. She discusses the wedding with her friends (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Tempestt Bledsoe and Arthelle Neville) and then it ends with Will Smith entering and saying a brief line.

Mad TV - Survivor Parody

 File Type: .wmv Size35.1mb Length: 10 min. & 45 sec.
This is a video clip of an episode of Mad TV. It contains the cast members imitating TV and movie celebrities on a fiction celebrity edition of Survivor. One of the celebrities, happens to be Mrs. Garrett who is portrayed by Paul Vogt, the same actor that played her in the 2002 NBC summer hit The Rerun Show.

Top Ten - Lovable Geeks & Nerds

File Type: .wmv Size8.26mb Length: 3 min. 41 sec.
This is a video clip featuring an episode of TV Land's Top Ten, in the show they countown TV's lovable geeks and nerds. They rank Natalie Green as as #7. Mindy Cohn is is used as a commetary to give viewer's information on how her character was developed and how she feels about her character. This video also features two clips from episodes of The Facts of Life!

I Love the 80s - 1985

File Type: ? Size: ? Length: ?
This is a video clip featuring an episode of VH1's I Love the 80s. This show is a mini-series which has commentary of comedians and celebrities reminiscing about things of the 1980s. Each part of the series contains an hour long salute to a year in the 1980s. The Facts of Life happens to be mentioned in the 1985 year of the mini-series.

Complete Videos

Suddenly Susan - Revenge of the Gophers

 File Type: .wmv Size: 75.1mb Length: 20 min. & 55 sec.
This contains an episode of a sitcom that Mindy Cohn guest-starred in the late '90s, called Suddenly Susan. Mindy plays Cindy (no rhyme intended) Susan's former high-school classmate. In the episode, Cindy trys to hunt down to get revenge on the classmate that put her through misery during a high-school prank.

The Facts of Life Reunion Movie

 File Type: .wmv Size128mb Length: 1hr. 26min. 
This contains the full movie of The Facts of Life Reunion, which aired on ABC in 2001.