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Throughout the series, the producers attempted to create spin-offs from "The Facts of Life". Many of the attempts were based from the episodes that showcased these to-be characters whom were connected to the main four girls. Below you'll find many of the producer's ideas of spin-offs that were in development, but were never produced.

  • The first spin-off attempt was to revolve around Tootie's Aunt Sylvia, a news anchor from Buffalo, New York. The site premise was set to revolve around Tooties's aunt and uncle, who were an interracial couple trying to sort out their marital troubles. Sylvia was making her move to New York, while Sylvia's husband attempts to threaten her when she tries to make it big. This spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "Brian and Sylvia".
  • The second spin-off attempt was going to be called "Stone Military Academy", a school nearby Eastland. This spin-off would revolve around a military academy and a cadet named Buzz and his friends. The boys were linked to "The Facts of Life", because two of the boys Blair and Natalie dated. This spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "The Academy".
  • The third spin-off attempt had a working name to be called "The Largo's". The spin-off attempt would've revolved around Jo's 14-year-old cousin Terry, along with her father and brothers, who; at the time ran a New Jersey gas station. This spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "Jo's Cousin".
  • The fourth spin-off attempt was inspired due to the highest rated episode of the fourth season. It was to revolve around Blair's and Jo's school life at Langley College. This spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "Graduation" (Parts 1 & 2).
  • The fifth spin-off attempt had many working names. It would focus on Natalie's adventures in the Big Apple as a journalist, living in her Soho loft including many of her odd neighbors. The spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "Big Apple Blues".
  • The sixth and final spin-off attempt, would zoom in on Blair as the new headmaster of Eastland and her duties taking over the large group of kids who were subjects of a new format change to co-ed students. This spin-off attempt was inspired by the episode "The Beginning of the End".