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Blair: I know a phony when I see one.
Jo: You should. You spend enough time lookin' in the mirror.

Blair: Mrs. Garrett, I have to talk to you right now.
Jo: Can't you wait till tomorrow to make a fool of yourself?
Blair: No, I can't.

"We are in troubleeeee", Tootie

"I just had another one of my brilliant ideas", Blair

"Something's wrong, and I'm going to find out the truth", Mrs. Garrett

"There's nothing wrong with your hormones", Mrs. Garrett

Blair: (sighs)
Jo: I hate it when you do that.
Blair: Do what?
Jo: Sigh!
Blair: I don't sigh.
Jo: Well, if it wasn't a sigh, you gotta slow leak.
Tootie: Cool it, you two.
Blair: (sighs again)
Jo: You did it again!
Blair: It's called breathing.
Jo: You do it just to annoy me.
Blair: No, I do it to keep from dying.
Jo: Now there's an idea!

Mrs. Garrett: I have news for you. There will be new girls taking over your kitchen duties and moving into your old room.
Blair: New girls?
Natalie: In our room?
Mrs. Garrett: That's right. I want it cleaned, swept and painted for the new tenants. So I expect you tomorrow at 3:00 ready to work. Wear your old clothes.
Blair: Mrs. Garrett, I don't have any old clothes. (Sees Mrs. Garrett's look) I'll buy some.

Blair: The cafeteria van? Keys are never in it.
Jo: Who needs a key? Tonight you're going to get your first lesson in hotwiring.
Blair: Hotwiring? Don't be stupid, the van already has a heater.

Blair: Mrs. Garrett, I've never done menial work before. I don't know how you slice onions or take out the garbage
Mrs. G: Oh it's not so bad. With onions you cry a little, with garbage, you die a little

Blair: What were YOU doing in the library? reading Dumbo?
Jo: I don't have to READ Dumbo I'm a bunk next to her.

Tootie- WOW! I've never seen a nightie that had, instructions!

Mrs. G- Hey Jo, why don't you try out for something this year.
Jo- No way, I'm not gonna stand up here and make a foool of myself.
Blair- But you do it so well!